Pump Dispenser - 3 sizes


pump dispenser  pump dispecer mediumpump dispencer small

Thermohauser Beverage Bag

Material: PET

Colour: Transparent 


Small: 6.0 x 15.5cm 

Medium: 6.8 x 12.5cm

Large: 7.8 x 21cm 


Small: 60g

Medium: 70g

Large: 80g


Small: 300ml 

Medium: 500ml

 Large: 1000ml


Inofrmation regarding the material: Made from polyethylene terephthalate, lightweight and break-resistant, acid-resistant, odour and tastleless.

The item is easy and uncomplicted to handle with a practical pump system. Suitable for filling up with disinfectants, detergents or liquid soap. 

 Refillable and reusable.