Folding Thermoboxes


Thermo-Box UK regularly receive comments that one of the negative points of Thermoboxes are their size. As we are keen to sell them, we point out that Thermoboxes are useful for general storage and that they are so light they are easy to move around. But for some Thermo-Box UK customers who simply do not have the space required to store them, we now have an alternative. The range of folding Thermoboxes have all the Thermobox advantages of light weight, great insulating properties, etc. but also have the advantage of being foldable. The folding Thermobox allows Thermoboxes to be stored in a much smaller space. Folding Thermoboxes are also quick and easy to fold out into their operating positions.










                    Lift off the lid                                                  Open the sides












                 Open the ends                                               Lock in the sides