Thermoboost Pizza

Product Code: TBB3333


When a Thermoboost is heated to 150°C in the oven for 30 minutes then placed in the base of a Thermobox, heat is slowly released into the food products. In field tests this doubled the length of time that a Thermobox can hold food at temperatures above 63°C. The Pizza Thermoboost is 33cm x 33cm.

  • Designed for maintaining heat in boxes used for transporting food.
  • Developed primarily for the Meals on Wheels and school dinner markets.
  • Thermoboost and Thermoshield are the latest in a line of products developed specifically for keeping food that bit hotter during transport, in insulated hot food transport boxes and containers.
  • Designed to fit Thermobox thermal boxes.
  • Thermoboost and Thermoshield keep food that extra few degrees hotter which is often enough to allow completion of a meals on wheels round or a food delivery.
  • Helps keep food at the correct temperature to stay within food safety guidelines during food transport.
  • Dishwasher-proof. 

Product measurements: 33cmx33cm


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Product Dimensions
Product Length: 33 CM
Product Width: 33 CM

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