Thermoboxes made of foamed plastic – simple but efficient


Thermobox - Comfort Box Handle A very simple but no less efficient solution for temperature-sensitive food transport is our boxes made of foamed plastics (EPP, EPS). They are extremely light, highly insulating, and due to their enormous variety of formats and sizes perfectly suited for a wide range of applications from professional kitchens, catering, purchasing, and delivery services to bakeries and confectioneries.

Thermoboxes are heavy duty and have superior insulation for maximum heat or cold retention, loss of temperature is low, so the boxes are ideal for the transport of temperature sensitive food items and ready to eat meals.

Their resistance to absorption of flavours and odours as well as their acid resistance make them a perfect solution for meeting hygiene standards, even during longer transport times. Food arrives fresh and at the perfect temperature.


EPP – A material that ensure temperature-stability

Our boxes keep the temperature of the food safe and stable - even when the boxes are used for long distances or are standing still for a while. In a temperature range between -40 °C (for chilled goods) and +120 °C (for ready-to-be-served food) the boxes can be used without further thought.

Our boxes are made of foamed plastic that is safe to use under common food law. They are characterised by the fact that they are extremely highly-insulating, while their low weight makes them perfect carrying aids.

8300040460_Kühlaufsatzrahmen_EPP_Box_Gastrostar_2017_Ansicht_oben.jpgEPP boxes are made of expanded polypropylene, the premium material of the Thermobox series. It originates from the automotive sector and stands for durability, elasticity, and high break-resistance. The material is completely recyclable. After use, EPP-Thermoboxes can either be washed out with running hot water or cleaned in the dishwasher. EPP is also tasteless and acid-stable. Thus, the EPP transport boxes are designed for a long service-life with regular use in the food sector, even in different temperature ranges.

Thermoboxes to suit all requirments in numerous shapes and sizes

EPP boxes are used in diverse areas. In the purchase of fresh and refrigerated goods for restaurants, for example, as well as in the delivery of snacks and lunches by local bakeries and butchers. Catering service providers, canteen kitchens and caterers also rely on these aids. Finally, when special highlights such as wedding cakes, ready-made food creations or good old pizza have to be delivered, theses thermo boxes are a valuable support.

Each area of application calls for different requirements. The Thermobox assortment of EPP boxes offer different basic formats and sizes. Restaurants and canteen kitchens as well as caterers orientate themselves by the Gastronorm (GN) and can find what they are looking for in our range of Gastronorm boxes.

For bakers, on the other hand, the 60 by 40 cm baking tray is the measure of all things - they are most likely to find the insulation boxes they need in our universal box range.

Pizza services usually look for pizza boxes that fit perfectly, for confectioners the thermo boxes for cakes are an interesting option. Here, the category of the thermo boxes in special formats is ideal to find what you are looking for – by the way, also to find variants for parties like the box ”football” or the box “beer barrel”, the ice cream boxes especially for ice cream containers or the versatile stacking and turning boxes.

Last but not least, the Thermobox assortment includes a wide range of accessories around the EPP boxes, including cooling lids and icepacks and transportation trollies.


 8300040458_EPP_Box_Gastrostar_offen_m.Freistellpfad.jpg 8300052761_EPP_BOX_COMBI_ROLL-UP_GN_1-1_off._Box_m._Hand_2020_klein.jpg 40002496xx_EPP-Box_Multi_GN_1-1_befüllt_und_arrangiert_2012.jpg