Termoboost - The Thermobox heating system


Boosts_and_Shields-11.jpgThe Thermoboost is placed in the bottom of the Thermobox at a high temperature e.g. 150°C. It slowly releases its stored heat whilst the food products are in transit in the Thermobox. As the food is typically only ten or twenty degrees above its minimum allowable temperature, e.g. 85°C, the benefit of having a Thermoboost in the food transport box is significant.

The Thermoboost, because it is at 150°C, some 60°C or 70°C above the food temperature has 3 times the heating potential of water based heat sources. Normally the food in the container adjacent to the Thermoboost is actually a few degrees hotter, than when it was put in the box, after 10 or 20 minutes.

Thermoboost are avaliable in 3 sizes

  • 1/2 GN (340mm x 260mm x 11mm)
  • 1/4 GN (270mm x 210mm x 11mm)
  • Pizza Box size (330mm x 330mm x 11mm)Boosts_and_Shields-7.jpg

Instructions for use

Thermo-Boosts are manufactured from a special material which has a high heat capacity. They are durable, hygienic, dishwasher proof and heat resistant. For maximum life do not heat above 150°C.
  1. Wash before first use either in a dishwasher or with dilute washing detergent.
  2. Heat in a static or fan oven at up to 150 degrees C for ten minutes or more.
  3. Place Thermo-Boost under containers of hot food in an insulated box and extend the time food is above serving temperature for up to 30 minutes.
  4. After use, wash by hand, using hot water and dishwashing detergent, a dishwasher or sterilise in an autoclave.