Thermoboxes Heating Systems

Thermoboost and Thermoshield heaters for Thermoboxes work by two methods. The Thermoboost is put in the bottom of the Thermobox at a high temperature e.g. 150°C. It then slowly releases its heat whilst the food products are in transit in the Thermobox. As the food is typically only ten or twenty degrees above its minimum allowable temperature, e.g. 85°C, the benefit of having a Thermoboost in the food transport box is significant. The Thermoboost, because it is at 150°C, some 60 or 70°C above the food temperature has 3 times the heating potential of a water based heat source. Normally the food in the container adjacent to the Thermoboost is actually a few degrees hotter, than when it was put in the box, after 10 or 20 minutes.




Name: Thermoboost

 Size: 340*260*11mm



High temperature resistant







1/2 and 1/4 Gastronorm and Pizza Box sizes available











Name: Thermoshield [Front]

Material: 42" Aluminium EPE












Name: Thermoshield [Back]

Material: 58" 420D Nylon










  • Designed for maintaining heat in boxes used for transporting food.
  • Developed primarily for the Meals on wheels and school dinner markets.
  • Thermoboost and Thermoshield are the latest in a line of products developed specifically for keeping food that bit hotter during transport, in insulated hot food transport boxes and containers.
  • Designed to fit Thermobox thermal boxes.
  • Thermoboost and Thermoshield keep food that extra few degrees hotter which is often enough to allow completion of a meals on wheels round or a food delivery.
  • Helps keep food at the correct temperature to stay within food safety guidelines during food transport.


Comparison of food temperatures during hot food transport with and without our Thermoboost and Thermoshield products