Stacking Thermoboxes


 Thermoboxes stacked for easy transport

Stack of 5 GN Thermobox insulated boxes.jpg


Thermobox Heavy Duty Comfort boxes stack for easy carrying

Superior insulation for maximum heat or cold retention - This is our highest performance and best-selling Thermobox

Base of Thermobox interlocks with Thermobox lid to keep Thermoboxes locked together

Heavy Duty Comfort Thermoboxes have large strong handles for easy handling

Comfort boxes with double thickness insulation for the ultimate heat retaing properties

The Ultra Light weight of Thermoboxes make carrying and transport as easy as possible



 Light duty stacking Thermobox food transport box for cold and chilled food only

Thermobox Stacking Food Transport Box


Economy Gastronorm Thermobox suitable for cold food short term handling and storage

Flexibility with stacking tray boxes

1/1 Gastronorm compatible

Transport of different height loads

Boxes can be used inverted to increase interior space

Please Note - This our lightest duty insulated Thermobox and whilst very flexible and low in price, the fact that these Thermoboxes can be stacked n various ways does compromise the sealing between bases and lids. The lids do not lock, greatly reducing the Thermoboxes insulating ability. In general do not use this type of box for insulated food transport or for hot food holding, or for cold food storage for more than 30 minutes. This box is only really suitable for very short term cold food storage.


Light duty gastronorm insulated food transport box

Transport Box Pasta



Economy gastronorm insulated food transport box suitable for cold food and short term hot food transport

Available in depths from 100m to 300mm

The ultra light insulated food transport solution

Interlocking Thermobox lids to bases for stacking and security during transport