Meals on Wheels in Wales

Meals on wheels recipients in Ceredigion are to have a choice of frozen or fresh meals delivered in Thermoboxes.

After a meeting of councillors Keith Evans said "choice is the most important thing".

Over 500 mainly elderly people benefit from the service and a pilot scheme had taken place. Before the deal was agreed Plaid Cymru councillors had opposed the scheme but Help the Aged said that it was a good idea that more people benefitted.

Ceredigion Council, the providers of 100,000 meals per year said the current scheme was too expensive and that there were problems finding sufficient volunteers.

The decision was described as "unacceptable" by some recipients who stated that they preferred freshly cooked food to frozen meals.

Penri James, a Plaid Cymru councillor, urged his colleagues to continue providing fresh food and stated that the frozen meals would not "cater for the  needs" of the vulnerable and elderly.