dinner champion advantage

Advantage of Dinner Champion

Dinner Champion is the perfect solution for the distribution of hot and cold food in the form of a well presented plated meal.


  • Each part of the meal goes in an individual plate or bowl
  • Each bowl is sealed with a super secure silicone lid
  • Dinner Champion is a flexible and totally reusable system: The light weight and sturdy EPP boxes offer optimal insulation.
  • Stylish presentation on porcelain dishes made by Seltmann, Weiden.
  • The patented silicone lids close watertight and are easy to handle.




Boxes remain stable when stacked because Thermohausers insulated transport boxes have thermobox interlocking bases and lids.

Food can be kept at above the legal serving temperature of 63°C for several hours. All Gastronorm insulated transport boxes have superb insulation.

All Thermohauser Thermobox insulated food boxes are less than 1.5kg in weight and very tough. 

Available in several sizes.

1,2,3 or 4 plates can be transported in the various sizes of Dinner Champion.

Cutlery compartments can be incorporated in Dinner Champion.



Dinner Champion Plated Meal Thermobox

Deliver meals individually plated


Ultra light and easy to carry


Keep food hot for over two hours


Seperate compartments in each box


Transport hot and cold food in one box


Interlocking boxes for easy handling


Dishwasher proof and reusable


Average lifespan five years