Thermobox Advantages


Thermobox Advantages:


  • Thermobox Insulated food transport box. The low cost insulated food transport solution
  • The UK's largest range of insulated food containers
  • Local councils throughout the UK and Europe use Thermohauser Thermoboxes
  • Outside caterers use Thermohauser insulated transport boxes
  • Schools and Hospitals throughout the UK and Europe transport food using Thermohauser meal systems
  • Ideal for “Meals on Wheels” type services
  • Keeps HOT FOOD HOT
  • Pizza Thermo Boxes are designed with micro ventilation to avoid condensation
  • Several sizes of standard GN food container can be accomodated in Thermoboxes
  • Interlocking stacking thermal foodboxes for ease of transport or insulated food storage
  • Eases lifting and handling.
  • Long life - Thermohauser Insulated Thermoboxes typically last for 5 - 10 years
  • Heat pads available for insulated Hot boxes
  • Cooling pads and pouches available for insulated Thermobox cool boxes
  • Thermobox dividers for seperating product types
  • Thermoboxes interlock for easy loading in vans and trucks